Eiss Super Investment Options

Eiss super investment options

EISS Super offers you a selection of five investment options each with a different level of exposure to growth assets (eg Australian and international shares) and defensive assets (eg fixed income and cash). All of the investment options (except Cash) offer diversification across various asset classes.

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Simply put diversification is the strategy of not putting all of your eggs in the one basket. Investment Options The Retirement Scheme offers you a selection of six investment options each with a different level of exposure to growth assets (eg Australian and international shares) and defensive assets (eg fixed income and cash).

All of the investment options (except Cash) offer diversification across various asset classes. Investment option: Date $ (EISS) is the Trustee of the Energy Industries Superannuation Scheme Pool A ABN 22 RSE R and Pool B ABN 64 RSE R, and trading as EISS Super.

Changing your investments

Energy Industries Superannuation Scheme Pty Limited ABN 72 RSE Licensee L and AFS Licence (EISS) is the Trustee of the Energy Industries Superannuation Scheme Pool A ABN 22 RSE R and Pool B ABN 64 RSE R, and trading as EISS Super. EISS Super and EISS Pension If we receive a valid instruction from you before pm (AEST), we will process your investment switch using the declared unit prices for that day, once known.

If we receive your investment switch request after pm (AEST), we will process your switch effective the following business day (and it will be processed using the following business day’s declared unit prices). Choosing how your super is invested and an appropriate investment strategy for your needs may make a difference to your retirement.

Eiss super investment options

Press 'Edit' on the Investments page to update either your Current Investments or your Future Contributions (Future Contributions don’t apply to EISS Pension members).

Under either of these options (in edit mode), you will be able to view the full investment menu. details on the EISS investment strategies and the investment options available for you to choose from. INVESTMENT STR ATEGIES There are two broad styles of investment strategy: GROWTH STRATE GY Growth assets typically are Australian shares, overseas shares and property.

This type of investment carries the most short term risk. Super. Investments Manage your super Grow your super (EISS) is the Trustee of the Energy Industries Superannuation Scheme Pool A ABN 22 RSE R and Pool B ABN 64 RSE R, and trading as EISS Super. We help our members grow their super and prepare for a rewarding lifestyle in retirement. Our experts in super can talk you through your options, making sure that you’re on track to reach your financial goals.

With free over the phone and in-person consultations, you can be confident that you’re getting the most out of your super.

EISS in /19 Managing your super Welcome to the EISS Annual Report Report from the Chairman and CEO Your Scheme Board Members as at 30 June EISS Trustee Office and investment options. • FaxAll members have access to personalised service from the EISS staff, limited financial advice from the Helpline, referrals. Important note: The returns shown are net of tax and investment fees.

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They should be taken as a guide only. The actual returns credited to your account may differ from the estimates shown here because of timing or because of differences in the amount of tax or fees that. EISS Super is a public offer industry fund that was established in to provide retirement benefits to public sector employees of the NSW Energy Industry. Initially introduced as a split benefit type scheme for certain employees of participating employers within the industry, EISS Retirement Scheme is currently closed to new members.

EISS Super is a public offer industry fund that was established in to provide retirement benefits to public sector employees of the NSW Energy Industry. The fund's MySuper offering comprises a single diversified investment option. Effective Novemberthe fund changed the default MySuper investment option from the Conservative Balanced.

Most of the time, the money in your super fund account is invested by your super fund, and EISS Super is no different. It offers a variety of investment options including property, infrastructure, private equity, fixed income and more. Initial Investment to your EISS Pension Account (if applicable) If you have an EISS Pension account, your initial investment will display in this section. If you selected more than one investment option at the time of commencing your pension, the initial investment amount will show the amount initially invested for each chosen investment option.

Join EISS Super. Fill in the form below to open your new EISS Super account. It only takes a few minutes to ensure your super is in safe hands. When you join, you’ll automatically be invested in our MySuper investment option, but you can change this when you log into your account for the first time. EISS Super provides default insurance cover to eligible members once they have an account balance.

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Making a change to your investments - switching between options - Read the NESS Super Factsheet for information here Opens in new window. NESS Super's Investment update as at Ma - Read here Opens in new window. Our 1, 3, 5 and 10 year performance history. The EISS Balanced Growth option, which most members are in, has continued to exceed its target of inflation plus 3% over 5 years. The investment return for the year to 30 June was %, reflecting the strong performance of equity markets over the past 12 months.

Investment returns are set at 7% and this is considered reasonable based on the investment return objective of the EISS Super Balanced (MySuper) investment option. Returns are net of fees and taxes. UniSuper is known as one of best super funds for our strong investment performance. Learn about UniSuper's pension investment options & their performance. You can use the dashboard to compare the Growth (Cbus MySuper) investment option with MySuper products offered by other funds.

Growth (Cbus MySuper) was launched on 1 October when our default option was renamed from Growth (Cbus Choice). The performance history includes the period before the MySuper launch. EISS Super - High Growth Industry Fund Yes % 42 % 50 % 39 % 43 % 43 Investment Options 97 84 Minimum % % % % % Performance to 31 October TOP 50 WORKPLACE SUPER – GROWTH INVESTMENT OPTIONS Growth investment options (diversified asset allocation with more than 75% growth asset weighting) Author.

Eiss super investment options

Before acting on this information or making an investment decision about whether to acquire, hold or sell a financial product, you should consider its appropriateness having regard to your objectives, financial situation and needs and read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement available on the EISS Super website or by calling us on EISS Super High Growth Responsible Entity: Energy Industries Superannuation Scheme: APIR Code: Sector/Asset Class: Multisector Aggressive: Morningstar Rating: Not Rated: Legal Structure: Superannuation Fund: Fund Inception: 30 Jun Fund Size: $ million (as at 30 Sep ) Entry Price: $ (as at 31 Oct ) Exit Price.

Super investments Super is one o the most important investments you're ever likely to make. Yet it is oten put in the ‘too hard’ basket. This module takes you through the basics o investment.

Energy Industries Super Scheme Super: Review & Compare ...

At EISS Super our customers come first. We deliver on our commitment to members - value for money, outstanding service, solid long term investment returns and community involvement. We provide members and employers with quality superannuation, retirement, education and financial advice services and are proud to be one of the lowest cost super funds in the market.

4 Risks of super All investments carry risk.

Eiss Super Investment Options. Super Investment Options | EISS Super

There are several risks associated with investing in super that you should consider. • The value of the investment option/s you choose will vary and may fall. The Fund’s investment performance is not guaranteed, which means you may lose some of your money.

Fees for the Balanced option are lower than the industry average across all assessed account balances. Members can switch investment options at no swve.xn----7sbde1amesfg4ahwg3kub.xn--p1ai Super offers a full suite of insurance cover, with eligible members automatically provided with Default Death and TPD Cover upon joining the fund. Super Investment Options Opens in new window *Future returns are not guaranteed and past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

This graph compares the return target with past returns for the NESS Super MySuper option for a representative member. The value of an investment in Kogan Super may rise and fall from time to time. Mercer Superannuation (Australia) Limited, Mercer (Australia) Pty Ltd and Kogan Superannuation Pty Ltd do not guarantee the investment performance, earnings or return on capital invested in Kogan Super. Product & Investment Option Name Segment Public offer 1 year k 3 years k 5 years k 7 years k 10 years k EISS Super (Personal) - Cash Industry Fund Yes % 6 % 12 % 12 % 20 % 22 TOP 50 PERSONAL SUPER – CASH INVESTMENT OPTIONS.

Author. Energy Industries Superannuation Scheme-Pool A has 10 investment options, 1 MySuper products authorised and 37% of its total assets are invested in a default or MySuper strategy. Learn more about the different types of super funds. · IFM holds Freeport in its international infrastructure portfolio, but also offers an Australian infrastructure investment option, so we can’t be % confident that these super funds are invested in Freeport.

Colonial First State, Commonwealth Bank Group Super, EISS. Your super is your money and if not already, it will likely become one of the biggest financial assets and investments you’ll make in your life. Whether you’. Pay into your super account with BPAY, fill in the ATO form and send it to EISS Super now so you make the most of the pre-tax contribution cap. The part of your contribution that you claim on tax is treated as a before tax contribution while the part you don’t claim is an after-tax contribution.

Electricity Supply Industry Superannuation (Qld) Ltd (ABN 30AFSL ) is the Trustee for Energy Super (ABN 33 ). Energy Super is an authorised MySuper product provider (Product Number 33 ). USI: 33 EISS Super ABN Number: 72 In addition to an RSE number, superannuation providers are also issued with a RSEL, Registerable Superannuation Entity Licence number, by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA).

EISS Super | 5 tips to consider when choosing an investment option. EISS Super. AIS is Super high growth option return, 90 percent and our balanced 14 and a half percent during this time, it's important to remember that for most of your Super is invested for the long term and markets will recover overtime in Finally remember Super. EISS Super. 40 AustralianSuper’s Balanced Option, and the lowest, BUSSQ Building Super’s Balanced Growth Option, was less than five percentage points.

Eiss super investment options

Considering that most of these products have longer investment horizons, this is a negligible difference. Again, consistency is a recurring theme.

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EISS Super? Superannuation as trustee for Energy Industries Superannuation Scheme Pool A ABN 22RSE R and Pool B ABN 64RSE R, and trading as EISS Super and EISS Financial Planning. professionally managed investment options. Our options range from Cash to High Growth, allowing members to. Investment choice. Investment approach. Who manages your investments. Asset classes. Investment fees. Sustainable Future.

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Sustainable Future Top 20; Portfolio holdings. Additional disclosures. Proxy voting. You make a thousand little decisions every day – home cooking or takeout, reply or ignore, spend or save, go out or stay in.

When you’re constantly deciding on little things sometimes the important decisions, like choosing the right super investment option, can be put to the bottom of the pile. To help ensure present-you makes the right decision for future-you, we’ve put together a quick.

Compare Energy Industries Superannuation Scheme Pension and other Pension products at RateCity, Australia's leading comparison site A simple choice of four expertly managed investment options and one cash option; Unlimited investment switching - no minimum amounts EISS Super is a public offer industry fund that was established in Energy Super is a Brisbane-based industry super fund with a history of strong, long-term investment performance.

Join online in minutes. In fact, six of our investment options are ranked in the Top 20 over 15 years in the SuperRatings Crediting Rate Surveys. Of these options. Important: Balanced is the most common investment option and is generally the default investment option when joining a super swve.xn----7sbde1amesfg4ahwg3kub.xn--p1aied in this context refers to the risk profile of the investment option and means that 60–76% of the fund’s assets are defined as.

EISS Super. likes · 60 talking about this. EISS Super, the industry super fund working as hard as you do to protect your future. Jump to. Understand your needs with a planner: identify and prioritise your specific goals, match them to the investment options best suited to your needs.

EISS Super is proud to be partnering with the National Rugby League for the EISS Super Regional Series NRL Telstra Premiership in Alexander Hutchison, EISS Super CEO, said .

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